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How to Register for USA Volleyball Region Ref/Score Clinics

[Click Here] for detailed directions on how to register for the Ref/Score Clinics


  1.  Where are the practice sites?  We will utilize Competitive Sports, Carson High School, South Rowan High School and West Davidson for practices.  Practice schedules (as well as addresses for each facility) will be located on our website by clicking on the Information Tab and selecting Practice Schedules.  Please note, there are no practice schedules posted yet!
  2. Will my team practice at the same site each week?  Not necessarily.  This will depend on who your coach is.  Certain coaches are “key holders” for certain facilities.  If your coach is a key holder for a facility, then your team will practice at the same facility each week.  All other teams we try to will be rotated between facilities.
  3. If I receive an email for a regional position, does this mean I will not be considered for a Travel Team?  No, this does not mean you will not be considered for a Travel Team.  Your invitation is to play with the club.  A separate email will be sent for Travel positions.  Please remember, we must know how many players we have before we can select Travel positions.  We are diligently working on putting teams together.  However, we cannot finalize anything until we know who is playing.  The sooner we have your response, the sooner we can finalize the rosters!
  4. Will you have a Travel Team for each age bracket?  Not necessarily.  We will have Travel Teams for age groups that have enough players who are of the same age and ability that want to play Travel.
  5. What if I want to play on a certain team to be with my friends?  We select teams by age, ability and position.  Only in rare cases will we accommodate a request to be on a certain team.
  6. When will the tournaments begin?  Tournaments begin in January.  The schedules for Regional teams are already posted on the website.  Go to the Information tab, click on Events and select Tournaments to see which weekends you will be playing.  Also, please note that each age group has at least one Sunday tournament this season (most have two).  Please note that this is not a HRVC decision.  The Carolina Region schedules ALL of our Regional tournaments.
  7. When will practices begin? Practices will begin following Tryouts.  Since the final rosters will not be posted on that date, we will practice by age groups.  Please check the website next week (usually updated on Tuesday of each week) for the schedule for the next practice.

How do I STOP receiving HRVC RainedOut Announcements?

IF you would like to stop receiving High Rock Volleyball Club RainedOut announcements, perform one of the following options.
To stop receiving ALL rained out notification (this affects ALL notifications from any organization you are utilizing RainedOut for).
From the phone you are receiving the messages on, send a text message to ‘84483’ with the word ‘stop’ in the message.
To stop receiving just the message notifications from HRVC, click the link below.

Rained Out Removal Process

Where & When does my daughter play?

For those of you new to “Club” Volleyball, the Carolina Region Volleyball website ( is chalked full of information. If you would like to know what weekends and locations your daughters will be playing. This info is easily found.

Jump over to the region’s website and click on the “Point System/Pools” tab at the top of the page. Under the “Current Season” header, click your daughter’s age division. You will then need to select on the left hand side, the age group (example: JO15) then select: EAST/WEST/Open-Hi/Open-Lo. All region teams are WEST. Travel teams may be WEST, Open-Hi or Open-Lo.

Once you select your daughter’s appropriate division, the site will provide you with all the teams participating in that age group along with what level they are competing at,  Platinum to Brass. You should consult weekly to see if your team moves up or down the standings table depending on their performance throughout the season.

If you slide down the page you will notice on the left hand side a header that says “Tournaments”. Click on the weekend you are inquiring about. This page will tell you what level your team is competing at that weekend, who you will be competing against and where you are competing. Locations are usually not listed until the weekend prior to when you play. So you should consult quite regularly in order to make travel arraignments.

Good Luck!!


Practice Schedules and Rosters are now located under the INFORMATION tab in the header. Hover over the Information tab and a drop down box will appear. Click on the page you wish to visit. You can also find these pages in the Quick Menu to the RIGHT. Simply click on Practice Schedules or Team Rosters and it will “quickly” take you to that page.

Where are the tournaments played?

  • Regional tournaments are held all over North Carolina.  Most tournaments are within two hours driving distance.
  • Travel team tournaments depend upon the level of the travel team.

What will I need to bring to a tournament?

Since these events are an all day event, you will need to bring a chair (seating is not always available), snacks, plenty of drinks, lunch, games/books, etc.

When are the tournaments?

The regional tournaments are held every other Saturday.  Ages 13, 14, and 15 will play one weekend and ages 12, 16, 17 and 18 will play the next weekend.

For Tournament Dates check the [Information][Events][Tournaments] menu option or click here

Will my daughter get equal playing time on her team?

The answer is simply, no. We cannot guarantee equal playing time. Each position is equally important to the team. However, if the team only has one setter but three middle hitters, then the setter will play all the time and the middle hitters will have to split the time.

What if my daughter plays school sports? Is this held against her for Junior Olympics?

We support all school activities.  However, we also expect a level of commitment to our club.  We have rules for missing practices and those rules will be strictly enforced. Fortunately, most school activities do not interfere with games or practices.  If a school activity does interfere with a tournament, we expect the player to notify us as soon as possible so we can move players if necessary.


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