Parent Code of Conduct



As parents of a member of High Rock Volleyball Club, we will conduct ourselves in a manner as outlined by the following CODE:

1.                  In addition to the club expenses as outlined in the “fee structure” on the HRVC website, we understand that our daughter has paid to LEARN skills and concepts of volleyball; she has not paid to play equal time in the tournaments.  The HRVC coaching staff is committed to developing ALL players’ skills, and when a player earns the right to play in a certain situation, she will see playing time.  That decision is purely a coaching one.  However, HRVC will not keep players whom we do not believe have the potential to contribute during tournaments.

 2.                  HRVC welcomes and encourages support of all teams during competition.  We  believe our parents are part of the HRVC organization and are seen as such by other organizations and officials.  Therefore, we will conduct ourselves accordingly by:

a.       Cheering HRVC teams for their play and NOT jeering or harassing the opponent’s team, officials, or work teams for their performance;

b.      Realizing that the officials and their work teams are attempting to do the best job they can to referee the game fairly, but it is up to the HRVC teams to win or lose the game.  Therefore we will conduct ourselves with appropriate sportsmanship;

c.       Acknowledging that some HRVC players are relative beginners in the sport of volleyball and will make mistakes – probably at critical times in a match.  We will be patient and supportive through these times for all players we are around;

d.      Realizing that coaching is NOT a science and that all coaches will make decisions that are popular and unpopular. However, we believe that every member of the HRVC coaching staff acts in the best intentions of the team, and the best intentions of each and every player.  We may not agree with every decision they make, but we will respect that decision.

e.       Refrain from talking to players during practice or games.  The players need to be concentrating on the game and listening to the coach.

 3.                  We will see that our daughter is at practices and team functions on time or early.

 4.                  We will assist in car-pooling whenever possible.

 5.                  We will be responsible for monies due on the specified date.

 6.                  We are responsible for our daughter’s conduct.  If a problem arises at any time we will be contacted by the coaching staff or team parent representative.

 7.                  We recognize that we may participate in fundraising for the overall club expenses.  Fundraising may include participating in specific events or soliciting contributions.

 8.                  We are aware that the decisions rendered by the directors are done so with concern for the overall betterment and reputation of HRVC and will abide by these decisions.

 9.                  If we have concerns about our daughter’s status with regard to her team, we will follow the process of discussion as set out in the Grievance Procedure in the HRVC Handbook.

 10.              If we remove our daughter from competition without previous permission from the head coach, HRVC will consider her to have resigned from our club and all remaining monies will become due and payable or forfeited, as the case may be.

 11.              We realize the use of tobacco products and alcohol is legal for adults over the age of 21.However, intoxication will not be tolerated, nor will we offer any of the above-mentioned products to any junior volleyball player.  Any player using tobacco or alcohol will be immediately expelled from the club and all remaining monies will become due and payable or forfeited, as the case may be.

 12.              We fully recognize that we are role models to all players in High Rock Volleyball Club and we will conduct ourselves accordingly at all times.

 13.              If we do not behave in a manner consistent with the sportsmanship and professionalism HRVC demands from its athletes and coaches, we may be asked to refrain from attending practices and tournaments.


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