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Travel Practice schedules for Wednesday and Thursday have been modified.  Please check the website before coming to practice.

Congratulations Team Elite

Congratulations Team Elite for bringing home 1st Place Copper from the Queen City Classic!! Go HRVC!!!

Congratulations Pixies, Hurricanes, and Dynamite Teams

Congratulations Pixies, Hurricanes, and Dynamite Teams for all bringing home 1st place Medals!! You Rock!! Go HRVC!!


I received an HRVC hoodie in the mail this week from a tournament director.  If you left a hoodie at one of the tournaments recently, please contact Coach Michael at moc.liamtohnull@33leahcimsj.


Just a reminder, we now have sweatshirts and tee-shirts for sale!  Feel free to stop by Competitive Sports on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday during practice hours to shop!


It has come to our attention that there have been several players who have not shown up for practice and failed to notify their respective coaches.  Please allow this email to serve as your reminder that if you miss practice for an unexcused reason, you WILL miss playing time during tournaments!  Sunday practice is MANDATORY.  Travel teams, if you need to miss a mid-week practice due to a school related function, then you MUST notify your coach!  Homework does not count as an excused absence!


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