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CLINIC REGISTRATION IS UP AND RUNNING…go to the Information Page and click on Registration.

PLEASE NOTE…we are holding 10 clinics.  The cost of each clinic is $18 or you can sign up to attend all 10 clinics for $150.  If you decide to attend all 10-clinics, you may pay online.  Otherwise, you will need to pay at the door for each individual clinic!



We would like to update the photos on our website.  Parents, if you have photos from this season, please feel free to send them to us…you can email them to moc.liamtohnull@33leahcimsj.


IMPORTANT NOTICEThere are numerous players who have not yet paid the HRVC registration fees.  As we are late in getting notice out to those who still owe fees, we are extending the deadline to pay until January 10.   ALL FEES ARE TO BE PAID IN FULL BY JANUARY 10.  If the fees are not paid in full by that date, the player will not be allowed to participate in any further practices or tournaments.  This is the last notice that you will receive regarding fees.



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