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Roster Updates to 13s/14s

We have had to make adjustments to the 13/14 rosters.  Please make sure to check the rosters page before practice on Sunday!

Practice Schedule Updates

The practice schedules have been updated.  Please make sure you check the practice schedule page before you come to practice on Sunday.




For ALL Referee/Scorer Clinics, preregistration is REQUIRED from within your MEMBER RECORD (see below for more preregistration information). We request that all attendees preregister at least ONE (1) WEEK before the clinic. AGAIN FOR 2017/2018:  Preregistration for the clinics will occur WITHIN the membership record for each individual for ALL Clinics.  So, all attendees will need to be current members and then from within their record they will be able to register for a clinic (After logging in, use Left-hand Menu, choose “USA Volleyball Events – expand Region Clinics- then Region Ref/Score clinics” to see list of clinics to preregister for).  Club-sponsored clinics may have a charge at the door to help them cover expenses (contact host club for more info).  Please bring a pen/pencil and paper for note-taking.  The JUNIOR Officials Clinic will be available online for anyone wanting to take them online instead of in-person.  See the Online Clinic Information page for information.

NOTE – Only Junior Players may attend a Junior clinic (except for the adult on the team roster that is attending to meet the requirement of having a certified adult on each team’s roster that will be at the SCORE TABLE at all officiating duties of the team. An adult attending the Junior clinic will not be eligible to officiate in the Adult tournaments unless they attend an adult clinic -attending an adult clinic will meet the requirement to be certified if that adult is also on a Junior roster).  Adults (coaches, players, and officials) must attend an Adult clinic (Online only this year) to get certified to officiate on the stand.

AGAIN FOR 2017/2018: All First year adult coaches that intend to get certified as an official MUST attend a LIVE clinic (to meet the above requirement of one adult per junior team certified they can attend a Junior clinic). If a new coach can show proof of prior certification as an Official, then they can receive permission to take the clinic online from the Region Office.

Information on On-Line Officials Clinic

HRVC has had several players tell us they cannot attend our in-person Officials Clinic on December 2.  If you cannot attend our clinic, you are welcome to take the on-line class.  Please follow these instructions!

Specific Officials Clinic Information

  • Login in to your Carolina Region/USAV member account (Make sure you are current for the 2017/2018 Season!).
  • In left-hand menu, look under the “USA Volleyball Events” menu item.  Click the + button next to “Region Clinics” to expand the menu offerings – then choose “Region Ref/Score Clinics”.  All our Online Clinics will be listed under the September, 2017 clinic offerings (Start date of Sept 1, 2017 – July 31, 2018).  Read the descriptions below and choose ONLY the curriculum that you need in order to get certified (REMEMBER – Referees DO NOT also register for a Scorer Clinic – Scorer certification modules will be included in ALL Referee clinics!):
    • CR18_102 CR Junior Referee Training – This course is for ALL Junior Players that want to get certified as a ref/scorer!  Adults affiliating with a Junior Team that are taking the clinic to meet the one adult per junior team requirement (only) may also take this clinic. Adult Team Officials (even if also a junior coach) and Professional Officials DO NOT take this clinic.  Completion of this clinic will grant a Junior Referee certification (upon 100% completion your record will show a Junior Referee Certification but it will NOT show a Junior Scorer Certification due to the way the system is set up.  But, all Referees are certified as Scorers by default since all Referees must take the Scorer modules also).


We have made a change to the travel practice schedule – change is from Wednesday to Thursday!  Check the practice schedule page for details.

Practice Schedules

Practice schedules are posted on the Practice Schedules page.  Please remember to check the Practice Schedule page often and especially before you leave for practice on Sundays!

Officials Clinic

HRVC will host an officials clinic on Saturday, December 2.  There will be two sessions.  Please log in to Carolina Region and register to attend one of the two HRVC clinics.  Please make sure you register early and that you select the clinic to be hosted at HRVC.  We only have space for 150 players and we have more than 150 players in the club.  Those who do not get registered will be required to either find another clinic to attend or take the on-line course.

Rosters have been posted.

11/10/17 @ 7: 39 p.m. Rosters have been posted.  Please go to the Information Tab and select Team Rosters.  We are in the process of posting the schedule for Sunday so please be patient and check back in about an hour or so!


Regional player:  $500 (includes jersey and practice tee)
Travel I player:  $900 (includes two jerseys, two practice tees and an HRVC jacket)
Travel II player: $1,500 (includes two jerseys, HRVC jacket, two practice tee and backpack)

One-half due on date of signing of Letter of Intent
One-half due by December 31, 2017







this fee DOES NOT include the Carolina Region Membership Fee.  Once a player accepts an invitation to play with HRVC, it is REQUIRED that the player register with and pay the membership fee for Carolina Region.  Information and instructions on how to do this will be posted after Tryouts.  DO NOT REGISTER WITH CAROLINA REGION UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR A TEAM.  HRVC WILL NOT REFUND CAROLINA REGION MEMBERSHIP FEES!!!


Other Volleyball Events Page

We just added a new section to the site menu under “Information|Events|Other Volleyball Events”. This page is dedicated to other Volleyball related events in the area that are not necessarily affiliated with HRVC. We LOVE the sport of volleyball and we know you do too so these events are listed here in case you gotta have MORE VOLLEYBALL!!  The first listing on the page is for a Lexington Grass tournament in April! [Click Here to check it out!]


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