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SAVE THE DATE:  DECEMBER 22….We will hold a practice tournament at Competitive Sports, 625 Corporate Circle, Salisbury, NC on December 22.  We will be posting a schedule as soon as possible!


All members of High Rock Volleyball Club MUST attend an officials clinic.  If you are eligible for re-certification, you may take the class online.  If you are not eligible for re-certification, you must attend a clinic in person.  We will host a clinic on Saturday, December 5 at Carson High School.  It will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will last for 5 hours.  Please bring a pen/pencil and a snack/lunch.  You must pre-register to attend this clinic on the Carolina Region website.  You need to be a member of Carolina Region before you can register for the clinic!

If you are doing the online re-certification and would like to complete the course in a group setting, please bring a laptop to Carson High School on December 5 at 9:00 a.m. and we will have a place for you to complete the re-certification.  We are strongly recommending everyone who wishes to do the re-certification online to attend this session.

If you prefer to complete the re-certification on your own [click Here] for PDF directions on how to access the online course.

This clinic is free to all High Rock Volleyball Club members!


I will be placing an order for more sportswear on Monday, November 23.  If you would like to purchase a 1/4 Zip Pullover, a Performance Hoodie or Sweat Pants, please place your order this weekend so I can get the items back in time for Christmas!!!!



SPORTSWEAR is now available ON-LINE.  You can purchase and pay on-line!  Check out our “Store” page and click on Apparel for more details.

Sportswear will be available for purchase AND pick-up at the MANDATORY Parent/Team Meeting on November 15th.  Quantities are limited – first come – first serve!  We will reorder if we sell out of a particular item!

PLEASE NOTE…nothing will be available for delivery until November 15th!  On November 15, you may pick up your items if you pre-order/pre-pay (via our on-line ordering options) or you may purchase items on-site at the Mandatory Parent/Team Meeting (while supplies last).  All on-line orders (with on-line payment) will receive priority as to availability.

After November 15, items ordered will have a one week turn around time for delivery to practices and/or games.



Regional player:  $430 (includes jersey)
Travel I player:  $800 (includes two jerseys)
Travel II player: $1,150 (includes two jerseys)

One-half due at MANDATORY Parent/Team Meeting on November 17
One-half due by December 31, 2015

PLEASE NOTE, this fee DOES NOT include the Carolina Region Membership Fee.  Once a player accepts an invitation to play with HRVC, it is REQUIRED that the player register with and pay the membership fee for Carolina Region.  Information and instructions on how to do this will be posted after Tryouts.  DO NOT REGISTER WITH CAROLINA REGION UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR A TEAM.  HRVC WILL NOT REFUND CAROLINA REGION MEMBERSHIP FEES!!!


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