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SOME, BUT NOT ALL, OF THE CLUB APPAREL IS IN…WE WILL DISTRIBUTE WHAT HAS BEEN RECEIVED ON SUNDAY AT PRACTICE!  The items that were screen printed are here but all other items are not (such as backpacks and certain shirts).  We apologize for the delay in getting these items but please understand, this is completely out of our control. 

High Rock Volleyball Club apparel is NOW available until December 7th.

Click this link to proceed to the online store.

The link will re-direct you to BSN Sport’s “My Team Shop” login window. Enter High Rock Volleyball’s exclusive access code: michae2GQ

All the items that are available will open.

YOU WILL HAVE TWO WEEKS (until December 7th) to place your order.  The orders will be shipped directly to Coach Michael within two weeks after the closing date, so it should be delivered by December 22.  This is cutting it close for Christmas, but as soon as we get the apparel, we will sort and have ready for pick up (hopefully by December 23rd if the order is received as expected).

Also, please note that there are YOUTH sizes as well as ADULT sizes so please make sure you have confirmed what it is you order as there is no refund or exchange…these are special order items!


IMPORTANT NOTICEThere are numerous players who have not yet paid the HRVC registration fees.  As we are late in getting notice out to those who still owe fees, we are extending the deadline to pay until January 10.   ALL FEES ARE TO BE PAID IN FULL BY JANUARY 10.  If the fees are not paid in full by that date, the player will not be allowed to participate in any further practices or tournaments.  This is the last notice that you will receive regarding fees.



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